Memorial to the Victims of 1943 - 1945 Anti-Jewish Persecution

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I nomi delle vittime e le relative informazioni biografiche, la storia della Shoah italiana e l'elenco delle fonti sono pubblicati nel volume di Liliana Picciotto a cura della Fondazione CDEC , Il Libro della Memoria, Mursia, 1991 ed edizioni successive, Milano.

More information about biographies of the victims in “Il Libro della Memoria”, Mursia

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Names of the Italian Shoah: Memorial to the Victims of 1943 - 1945 Anti-Jewish Persecution contains the names and biographical details of all Jewish men, women and children deported from Italy and Italian-controlled territories during the Fascist-Nazi persecution, from data gathered and collated by the Contemporary Jewish Documentation Center (CDEC), beginning in 1955.


The goal of the Memorial is to keep individual and collective memories of the victims alive and, where possible, trace the paths of their lives as well as their persecution. Knowledge and reflection then, as well as remembrance, are the intention of this website.


Names are a fundamental element of the Jewish tradition. In the opening page of the Memorial the victims' names appear packed together: several dozen of them in alphabetical order. Every 24 hours this page disappears and another page opens with another list of names. It takes a few months before the cycle is complete, at which point it begins again from the first letter of the alphabet. 



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